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There hasn’t been any happening in my life lately – at least socially. I miss hanging out with my good friends who could share to me their experiences, something far more different from what’s around me and something I could be clueless of. I wanna hear other people’s laughter, voices, giggles and what have you. I guess I’m feeling confined, TOO CONFINED actually  with the routine tasks, identical sheet of papers and everyday-the-same space in our office. aww. Is this feeling to be spelled B-O-R-E-D? I darn refuse it but the hell I can’t.

I can always opt to go shopping for some stress-release but everything and everyone have a limit. Me and my credit card is no exemption. 😦 As a matter of fact, I did some serious Online Shopping! Though t’was fun, I had to stop browsing the e-stores or I’ll be a total addict. Until now, I could not sweep away in my mind that cute XOXO bag I’m figuratively dying to buy! { I hope BF hears my cries!}

I know, am not making any sense here. So pardon me, just toot tired so I wanna write and write. Sine I’m dead tired due to toxic work, I need a little help to put me in the fighting mode – at the very least.

And here’s the BIG CHEAP HELP I’m getting!

For someone who’s always looking at the PC monitors, I badly need this eye-refreshing product [Visine Refresh]. I have been rooting for this but sadly, I always forget to buy one! Luckily, I saw it while buying meds for my flu, weeks ago. So far, it gives my eyes the extra care/moisture it needs @ the price of 50 pesos only. One drop in the morning and one drop in the afternoon to fight my sleepy head! 😉

New love – Whiteflower Embrocation Medicine Oil. Something I never thought of buying for the reason that I may be teased of getting old! I’m not a fan of eucalyptus smelling ointment or oil. Not until 2 weeks ago. Since I used it every night, I have been sleeping like a baby in the deepest slumber. Plus, I’m waking up early in the morning without having to fight in mind whether I have to get up or not and without hating the wall clock too! In short, I always get a good night beauty sleep since I started using it. Also, whenever I need an extra and instant “Hey wake up girl!” and “Breath In Breath Out {relax}” moments, I simply turn to its aroma without caring for what other will say. 😉

That’s it! Simple stuffs that help me get through the rough days. Big cheap helps are almost everywhere, agree? Have a happy mid-week!

The ChocnutMuncher

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