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♥ If I’m a big time business-woman… ♥

I would not get celebrity endorsers who will not use my product lines!

I find it so odd, so unfair, so deceiving and so not proper whenever I see ads or commercials of celebrities and other popular personalities who we all know do not, would not and might never actually try to use the products they are endorsing. The “knowing” thing is very disturbing.

I know I’m not a marketing geek but as a consumer, it irks me seeing such ads and gives me a notion not to patronize the products [for committing what I call a marketing sin], unless they are really good. Know what my idea is, if I’m the BOSS or in the marketing department at least? Instead of getting local celebs whom people know, read about and hear about [hence, the chance of consumers knowing what products do they really use], I will get foreign beauties. =)

Not that I do not love my own but let’s face the truth. We are raised that way – adoring foreigners, sometimes hailing them. It’s stitched to our culture. And besides, what’s wrong with admiring foreign beauties? Plus, no local [not much] would know if they really use the products they endorse or not.  Also, there are some who thinks that local showbiz is less glamorous than foreign ones. And foreign endorsers add sophistication and class to the product. That’s just my raw idea, folks! Don’t sue me please. 😉

Note: I’m referring to foreign beauties, as in from the other side of the world. Neighboring countries won’t count due to similarities in physical features with our local gems. 😉

{Sorry got no other decent photo AOT. Bear with it, I know you will. With a help from PhotoFunia – I love this site!}

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