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♥ Yes, I’m on a constant diet too! ♥

Since I gained some serious pounds years ago, I decided to engage myself into what I call CONSTANT DIET which started December of last year.  Constant because I’m the type who can easily gain weight and I’m just like anybody else who tries to lose weight, I always break rules here and break rules there. Constant, also because I want to have a healthy lifestyle especially now that I’m already in my mid-2o’s.

I really cut my carbo/rice consumption and I think its effective but sad to say it’s not enough for me to achieve my ideal weight and mass. Aside from that, monthly hormonal changes make me crave so crazy for foods that taste so good [ sweet, salty and truly appetizing]! That’s the saddest and hardest part of my reducing phase. A whole bunch of reasons I can give as to why losing weight seems the hardest thing in the world.

Giving me [and other girls and gals out there]  some hope is my sis’ case. My sister [eldest] recently engaged herself into a diet suggested by one of her clients and after a period of 3 weeks, I repeat 3 weeks! she lost 8 kilos!!! Eight-kilos-in-three-weeks! Unbelievably true and hey it definitely worth a try, agree? Plus her diet is as simple as ABC.

3 – 4 times a week she must only eat:

Vegetables [broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, beans…]

Fruits [apple, banana, papaya, suha, oranges….]

Bread [whole-meat]

ICE CREAM! but vanilla flavored only [not bad]

The rest of the week she can eat her regular food but in moderation.

I’m giving it a try, however I’m adding some personal touch. I’ll be including oatmeal, cereals, slim milk and egg in my diet. 😉

my favorite, ever! with vanilla ice cream most especially…

Note: All photos are borrowed {though I failed to copy the sites where I got them}. No copyright infringement intended. All credits belong to respective owners.

Have a beautiful week pressers! Stay on a healthy diet, okay?!

The ChocnutMuncher

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