♥ I’m in Love… ♥

…….and who wouldn’t be, if you watch these feel-good romantic movies? Visit the love kingdom and enjoy the romantic painful bliss. Get in touch with your inner emotions. 😉

True love waits is what this movie all about.

True love knows no distance nor time.

No matter how much years have gone by, how far you’ve reached and how much you’ve experienced already, if it’s a meant-to-be true love, then it will happen.

And, Love can be expressed in so many ways, sometimes in a selfless sacrifice.

PS: I love the Mama Mia star, Amanda Seyfried since her episode stint in the series Justice.

Sometimes, love starts at the wrong foot but like any other mistakes, it can always be corrected.

Love always talks about honesty.

Remember, truth may hurt but a pain caused by a long lie may not be healed even by Time.

Young love is so refreshing!

If you really love a person, make him feel it every second of the day, why? Because, cliche as it may be, life may be gone in a split second.

P.S: Nice to see another cahracter of R. Pattinson. Don’t you agree? 😉

Yes, this is an old film [2002, I think].

But I love it! Not extraordinaire story but it definitely has a heart in it, and that is enough to make me like it.

Love comes unexpectedly. You fall in love when it isn’t the perfect time you always thought about, in places you never wanted it to happen and with the most unimaginable person.

It’s a surprise, a very good surprise. You just have to give it a chance when it knocks at your heart.

Also, Love is better when you compliment each other, that’s just what I thought. 😉

How was your week? I hope it’s all good! If you ask me, I am so down with paper works but I managed to squeeze some movie time to relax and to be happy. Life is too short and I have to do something I really want to do, right?! 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend!

The ChocnutMuncher

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