♥ Shaq to rock Celtics ♥

I’m not an avid fan of NBA but I do have a bit interest enough that I actually sided on Shaq when Kobe was rampaging. Wanna sue me for that? 🙂 And oh, I cheered for Boston last championship, needless to say. ha! I like Pierce among all of them, btw.

Wednesday last week,  Shaq finally signed a two-year contract with Boston Celtics for about $3 million dollars. He will now join Boston’s Big Three {that would make it a Big Four, right?} The 7-1, 325 pound center played no, actually he was the star player of Los Angeles Lakers until Kobe Bryant stole the limelight from him. They were teammates for a period of time but unfortunately, their styles won’t match inside the court. I guess there can only be one superstar on the floor as far as LA Lakers is concerned. The younger Bryant sort of win the stardom battle {rest is history}.

Lakers badly beat Celtics last championship and now with Shaq, a former Laker himself, can they finally get a revenge? And oh, was wondering too what is Garnett’s and all other Celtics’ players reactions? Anyone here knows? I’d love to follow them on twitter.


The Chocnut Muncher

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