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♥ If I’m going back to Boracay… ♥

I will make sure that I’ll do some of the activities the Island is offering other than resting my body on their fine white sand! [w/c isn’t really that bad]

I would love, love, love to go here at Ariel’s Point Boracay which they say is the best destination to explore near BORA. I wanna jump-off  their cliff, snorkel and swim, ha! so much to do here.

Visit their facebook page or their mother website and have a peek at their truly magnificent action photos.

This will be my first post today. If I’m lucky and no work rushes down to my face, I can write another two topics resting in my mind for quite some time. Stay tuned!

By the way, freaky Friday the 13th, eh? 😉 I will be watching “Orphan” {horror/thriller film} in a few minutes. Do you often celebrate Friday the 13th? Celebrating it takes away the creepiness / bad vibes.

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