♥ Web Finds: etsy & scrapee ♥

I love, love, love vintage looking items that are not exactly antiques.  So one lousy afternoon, I could not help but let myself and my pocket fall a little bit. 😉

From online store Etsy, I brought [and excitedly waiting for the shipment!] these lockets of different shapes, sizes and appeal. Lockets are my favorites! I used to have a small round one when I was a kid which I guess I lost unfortunately. I think they’re goregous, what do you think. I really can’t wait to see and wear them.

and another…

I’ve been spending my nights for a project, a presentation for my Love’s upcoming birthday this September. It will be one of my surprise gifts for him. I’m giving so much time editing our photos together. Thanks for websites like scrapee, life would be easier. 😉 It’s like photofunia, if you’d happen to try that already.

Those are my webfinds today friends. What about you, any good find? Let me know. Oh it’s Friday-payday, finally tomorrow, I know we’re all excited! Have a good Friday plan!

The ChocnutMuncher

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