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♥ The Shocking Chloe! ♥

{ click the photo for the trailer }

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs, I love the Mama Mia star Amanda Seyfried. I simply adore this blond girl, her looks, her voice and her acting talent. So I browsed online for her movies and I found Chloe.

I thought it was an old film (yeah, I’m so outdated) but then I saw it in movie-houses the day I came to watch another favorite – Inception. So, I decided to watch it na talaga, right away.

I was shocked {that’s what not reading the plot from IMDB does} with the story and how graphic the nude scenes were. I was caught off-guard, thank goodness I watched it alone on my lappy. Saved me from innocent embarrassment. But even if the story is not my type, I must give it to the ladies, Amanda who played the title-role Chloe and {the Hannibal Sweetheart, Clarice Starling} Julianne Moore. Liam Neeson was so-so in this movie. heck

Why watch?

1. Because it shows another character of Amanda. She is not only that all-american-sweetheart! She’s an actress in progress. From being one of the Mean Girls, a victim in Justice and of course the darling looking for her father while singing ABBA songs, here she is having 3 different love scenes with 3 different persons, a boy, a girl and a man.

2. Because it’s so real yet unpopular in a conservative country like ours. It’s like jumping-off the fence for a little while.

3. Because it was shoot in a location other than USA. I think it was shot in Toronto.

Why not?

1. There is much nudity. This isn’t something you can watch with your family.

If you’re in for a good thriller, this film is something although the story may be too liberated. Also, be prepared for lots of nudity. 🙂

How’s your Wednesday? Two more days and it’s ‘love you Sabado {Saturday}’ again!

The Chocnut Muncher

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