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♥ CYO: I love Fridays! ♥

Come to think of it, just the mere thought of Friday already spells H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S. I know you’ll agree with me. 🙂

But my Friday is packed with extra joys and smiles which I love to spread to anyone interested. Sharing to you my Friday gladness.

A surprise breakfast given by my officemate! She’s so sweet, eh?

Thanks P! Yummy ensaymada from famous Danya’s actually come in two. 😉

Double thanks!!

The near-nude flats which are super comfy btw and 100% Pinoy!

An Old Passion rediscovered!

Deck of Cupcake Recipe Cards. A good kitchen display too. 😉

I love baking. I used to bake when I was in college {and oh boy I bake well, modesty aside!} but when I entered the corporate world, I simply lost my touch. Sad, but it is never late, is it?

Another Recipe Cards with free CD! KewL kitchen accessory too!

A new book! Novel by Jordan Rotter, Girl in Development.

After reading the series, Planet Janet, I wanted to divulge myself into a light girly-girl material again. This book is about a girl’s {who’s from East Coast} internship in no less Hollywood! I think it’ll be very exciting!

The greatest News: My sister C called up, informing me that she’ll give me coupons for body massage at Appleseed Skin and Nail Spa! How thoughtful and how freaking cool is that? 😉 She said, she’d been a regular customer of their Ortigas branch and the services were real good. I’ll try it soonish.

the front of their mall branch {photo source}

I hope your Friday, your whole week has been treating you well. If not much, I know that, YOU know you can create your own happiness! =) Start now, perhaps?

Happy weekend to all!

The ChocnutMuncher

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