♥ In Silence and In Prayers ♥

I am stopping myself to blog about the past incidents that happened in my country. Some were accidents, some were crimes, some were injustices and mere negligence.


In silence and in prayers, I wish to express my mourning, my sadness, my deepest condolences, my embarrassment, my laments and everything else that may come in between.


“Bad vibes, negative vibes

Whatever to call the Evil’s vibe,

Go away, Go far, Go hidden

Leave my country! Leave my men!

To Souls that perished

To Families grieving

To Friendships wounded

and To The Nation crashed

In silence and in prayer,

we shall all be comforted, redeemed

and rise again!”

I  do not want to sensationalize an issue which already is simply because I believe it will just aggravate the situation and it won’t be a help to anyone and to our nation. But that doesn’t mean that I do not grieve, that I am not disheartened or that I am not affected. NO! It’s not like that. But I, we, The Nation have to move on for the greater good. And I chose to do mine in silence and prayers.




What a way to lighten OUR mood, and lift our spirits in a MAJOR MAJOR way!


Thanks and Congratulations to Ms. Ma. Venus Raj,

Miss Universe 2010 – 4th Runner-UP


The ChocnutMuncher


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