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♥ Product: ELF Plumping Lip Glaze ♥

Out of sheer longing to roam around the mall in order to divert my thoughts on things other than the sad ones, I bought this. 😉 And… I’m glad I did.

e.l.f Plumping Lip Glaze in Fire Coral

The promises:

* stimulates lips to create a fuller look

* tinted glaze continues to plump

* white glaze intensely hydrating


The Likes:

* The cool, clean and clear packaging! Speaks of elegance and does not look any cheaper with the original price of only Php 129.75.

* It’s not very sticky and it stays long enough [ note very long though ].

* It gives a good glossy look.

* It gives coolness/minty kick on my lips that stays for 10 minutes! Yes, I put the timer on. It’s perfect for our hot weather, don’t you think so too?


The Not-So-Much-to-Like:

* It smells like an unsweetened candy for the throat or a medicinal ointment.

* It does not plump that much as I though it would.

* The sheer shades. I hope the tint could come a bit stronger since I’m not a heavy user of lipsticks.

the Fire Coral shade


But overall, I’ll gladly buy again. As a matter of fact I’m off later to get their Oasis variant! 🙂

Since, I’m really trying to get back on a good mood, lemme post my Monday Office Look. {I love looking extra good on Mondays so that I’ll have the good vibes for the rest of the week.}

*ruffled blouse* 🙂


How’s the week treating you? I know the country has been in a roller coaster the past few days, let’s just continue to pray that these kind of ordeals won’t happen again. Peace for everyone!


The ChocnutMuncher

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