Random & Personal

It’s a natural high every Friday! 😉 Everybody agree with me? Yeah men!


So what’s so exciting and/or lovely about Friday, err, My Friday?

Free fund-raising concert tickets to PUP’s {Polytechnic university of the Philippines} barristers concert! Funds raised will be used to help promote the SY 2010 of the Uni’s College of Law. It’s happening tomorrow night at the campus auditorium. I really hope I could make it. Tickets came from my sis, who’s a law student. 🙂

Speaking of PUP, which is btw my Alma Mater too. They sent me (my College) a survey in a letter-form. Haven’t had the time to answer it though, but I will soon. I wanna cooperate definitely with the improvements they’re trying to conceptualize.

This mug coaster is a nice reminder of my Great European Dream!

The city of Madrid, Spain! Hola Amigas! Bonjour!

hays…. heaven!

A very nice film, Princess Mononoke. {click poster to view trailer}

A perfect mixture of reality, nature concerns, maturity and animation. What else can I say Hayao Miyazaki san? 🙂

Another perfect mix to look forward to…

Another Studio Ghibli’s.  Another Miyazaki’s.

The trailer itself looks eggs-citing! 🙂 {click the poster for the trailer in youtube}

The cool web-find, if you wanna know what you’ll look like 20 years from now. Arrgh… this is me {daw}!

One more…  ack! A bit more groovy. =) Looks like I’m with false teeth already. LOL

To conclude it all up, a mean Goldilock’s Crema de Fruta which my BF gave me out of mere thoughtfulness for our monthsary which I, btw forgot all about. Bad GF! It’s so nice and have been my favorite for years because it ain’t so very sweet but can satisfy a sweet tooth and a dessertholic like me. {photo from web though I forgot to copy the link, sorry}


I could really love Friday, can’t I? How about you, any reason why to love or why not to love a Friday? Friday reminds me also to move on, to the next week when something better might just happen.

In love w/ Fridays,

The ChocnutMuncher

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