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♥ The Biggest Challenge in Life ♥

Yesterday’s mass is for me the BIGGEST CHALLENGE in life. I’ve heard it before so many times but I’m so guilty of not or really having difficult to practice it. Whichever.


So the Bible says love your enemies. Love those who do not love you for what good it would be to love those who love you? They’ve already returned the favor. But when you love those who do not love you, the Lord God will reward you in heaven.


I know and I believe its true. But human nature makes me react the other way around [i.e. Love those who are important to me and ignore others]. So, that was for me a real big challenge in life which I have to face now, because if not now, then when?


I understand the passage and I can see its goodwill and meaning but what is it that’s stopping me appease this challenge, aside from HUMAN NATURE? Perhaps, selfishness, fear of neglect and lack of compassion.


It’s time that I face this BIG CHALLENGE. I should at least try and little by little who knows I could master how, how to love and pray for my enemies (though I believe I do not have one as of this day) and how to love and do good even if I know that my love and kindness won’t be reciprocated by those people any time soon.


There is a lot more for me to learn when it comes to GIVING UNCONDITIONALLY and GIVING ENDLESSLY. So may God help me.


It’s my first time to post on Monday after so long because it’s a Holiday, National Heroes Day. Reminds me that these heroes, known and unknown were able to love unconditionally until their last breath. Let’s all have a beautiful start of the week, okay?


It’s Monday!

The ChocnutMuncher

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