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♥ Things I Love Friday ♥

I almost not post today. So much busy with work. Like seriously. But I gathered some strength and energy and here’s what saved my almost doomed Friday…

It’s a good, good movie. Have you watched it already? For all those looking for a sweet, style-oriented and light romance film, then THIS IS IT! {click the photo for the trailer in youtube}

A nice web-find ~ http://www.photofacefun.com, to re-create and give your photos another look & arrive!


Thank God our country is not included in these lists! There is still hope. Let’s Go, Fight, Win! Be an advocate of the fight against climate change and support Nature’s rehabilitation.

9 of The Most Polluted Places in The World

9 Nations That Topped Their Highest Temperature This Summer

This website is also amazing, for style and fashion enthusiasts and trend hunters! 🙂

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010. Mark that date. It’s a non-working holiday. It’s a luxury nowadays (I mean, a rest day). It’s the Last Day of Ramadan of our Muslim brothers.

My Friday isn’t at its best. Yeah. My heart goes for my [problematic] co-worker. The weather is gloomy too, so is my desk. Even at my best, having some backlogs is inevitable. 😦 But what the heck, I’m still grateful for so many many blessings He showers me every day of my life. I should simply be grateful. Period.

In two weeks time, I’m gonna have another OOT, mini vacation. Definitely, something to drool about and absolutely something to thank for.

How’s your Friday? I hope it wasn’t as bad/low as mine. Enjoy the weekends, though!

The ChocnutMuncher

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