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♥ Tastebuds: Revisiting Mann Hann Restaurant ♥

A couple of days ago was Lovesy’s birthday hence, we decided to treat my side of the family to a lunch at SM North during my parent’s check-up. I decided to revisit MANN HANN. And even if their menu seemed to have changed from my last visit, I could say that it was still a pleasant experience, or is it? 🙂

We were there at around 1PM (peak hour) so we were on the wait-list. But the waiting did not take forever and we were able to do an advance order. That’s an added point.

I was really hoping to try again their Honey-glazed Chicken, however, it was no longer available on their menu. Yay! – meaning it’s been years since the last time I ate there. So we just ordered the following:

I’d say all entrees are good for 2-4 persons. 😉

Sweet & Sour Spareribs (cost: 265.00 pesos)

It’s nicely unique. The texture and taste are just a perfect mix! Meat is tenderly cooked and the sauce is indeed sweet & sour [unlike others]. I appreciate the herbs, garlic and other spices perhaps that were sprinkled. I think it’s a big help to improve the taste.


Mixed Seafood (cost: 250.00 pesos)

Sorry for the blurred picture. Anyhow, this is what I like the least. I was not able to taste anything special in it or any at all! I do not know if it’s the spareribs that do not match with this entree. However, my dad and my sis liked it very much. It was their favorite. 🙂 So I guess, its still worth a try.


Lotofu in Soy Sauce (cost 180.00 pesos)

This is my favorite! It really captivated my taste to the fullest hmmmmmm. A healthy bite and a yummy one too. I’m really beginning to LOVE tofu. R-E-A-L-L-Y. As of this writing, I’m already craving for tofu. For vegetarians and health-conscious persons, this is a MUST-TRY.


Yang Chow Fried Rice (cost: 250.00 pesos)

Of course, a meal is not a meal w/o rice-o-rice. Sis chose to try their Yang-Chow and though it’s not something so special nor unique, it suits just fine.
Note: We ordered for 1 liter of their Honey Lemon Juice (cost: 110.00 pesos) which was never served despite 2 follow-ups, we just settled ourselves to water BUT it appeared on our bill and even though they willingly adjust our order slip, a simple “sorry” would have been very very nice. 😦 And for the lack of apologetic gesture, the whole experience became a little less than satisfactory {for me}.

Overall, it’s good dining at Mann Hann [less the ‘they-don’t-mind-the-customer’ feeling], especially that my folks were satisfied (gastronomically speaking).

The weekend has been a little tiring than usual that’s why I’m really hoping to get the perfect rest this coming long weekend. {yeah, I’m already looking forward into that!}. I’m ending this post with a prayer – prayer for the health & safety of my loved ones especially my family, my folks & my hubby. I’m feeling a bit scared by the mere thoughts of death and diseases. hays… My only way to handle this uncontrollable concerns – LIFT THEM UP TO THE ALMIGHTY ONE!

Goodnight everyone. Have a beautiful Monday! 🙂

The ChocnutMuncher

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