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♥ Embracing FEAR ♥

My status lately can prove how ungrateful I have been. All I care about was my worries and all. I guess more than I worry, I FEAR. I fear of the things I cannot comprehend as of today and I’m scared of things that might happen in the future which I may not be able to handle. I fear too much.


Fear is a normal feeling, as experts say. But those who have enough faith, have nothing to fear. I therefore conclude that my fear is a clear indication that I’ve been taking for granted my spiritual life all this time.


The good thing is that I still have my chance to change things, to improve my faith and to focus on my spirituality. Slowly, Fear would be conquered by Faith. Yes, I fear because I lack faith.


Admission of the problem, which is in my case, weak if not lack of faith, is one thing. It’s already one big step. I just need to be a little more adventurous and take the other steps. The Steps of Faith. When I complete my journey I’ll write about My Steps of Faith. That makes me excited.


For some it’s praying and praying. Others think of Faith as believing in their own selves. Some people associate it with their loved ones, with their values in life, with their personal beliefs and judgments. Others see it as something intangible, a love and devotion to something/someone unseen yet so powerful, in a way that it cannot be measured in any way known to men.


Sometimes, it’s really good to have the heart of a child not only because it cares less, it’s malice is less or its easily overjoyed but also because a child’s heart fear not because it has a lot of faith in it. It’s now my turn to look for that child’s heart in mine, so I can embrace with faith all these fears that’s bothering my otherwise peaceful living.


The Chocnutmuncher

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