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♥ That was a happy day. ♥

Today is a sentimental Monday. I dunno why, exactly. Dilemmas surround me. Worries cloud my mind. Security, stability, financial state and what have you. I thought everything was finally falling into the right places until early tonight. I’m feeling bad about this certain person who seems to be the ULTIMATE VILLAIN in the teleserye (television series) of real life. She seems to forget how to be human, or humane. She can’t keep her feet on the ground. So bad of her. So bad for her. I wanna forget how I feel for her because certainly it isn’t healthy nor Godly. In that note, I’m reminding of myself of the following:


1) Of all my worries, how many of them actually came to reality? Or how many of them effect an actual damage? Honest, I cannot answer and I cannot seem to remember. Meaning, I was able to face it, handle it and carry on!

2) My loving Father will take good care of me just the way He does with the birds and flowers and trees. No, MUCH MORE.

3) God will provide. This is what I’m holding on to. I need to depend on this one. I believe He will. AMEN!

4) Do your best & God will do the rest. This ought to be my mantra considering my circumstances. Even if I do not get rewards, recognition or whatsoever with what I’m doing, I know that God sees everything {including injustices, yes!}. And because of that too, I should start saving up and investing for my Heaven’s Gate Fund.

5) The more they put me down, the more God will put me up. He is my first, last and only resort for these hopeless cases. He is the best lawyer after all.

6) My Father loves me. I should show more love to Him. After this life is what matters the most. Everything in this lifetime, money, fame, luxuries and power are all temporary, soon to be vanished. It will all amount to nothing only the seeds of Love are the ones we will be able to bring in the next life.

7) In the eyes of God, all of us are EQUAL. And He will protect me from any harm especially those caused by world’s great inequality.


I wanna cut my sentimental mood. I just want to reminisce even for a little while my experience of FIRST INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT.

Destination: New Zealand; Carrier: Singapore Airlines; Date: May 2009

The experience was superb. I super lavett! I was way too comfortable with everything. I’m so cool with long flights. Somehow, for me it’s relaxing! 🙂 I took some snapshots of my foods for the duration of the 10-hour flight and the in-flight TV with games, movies and music. So love it talaga. I wonder how it feels in the first class, yay! Maybe, one day soon. Enjoy the photos!

Forgive me, I can no longer remember the menu. 😦

Half-eaten already! 🙂 Sorry for the blurred photos. These were taken during late nights and wee hours of the morning. BIG YAWN.

This one is brekky, I’m sure. 🙂 Yummy omelet and nice mix of fruits.

For a movie buff like me, this completes a 10-hr. flight! I watched at least 3 movies, if I’m not mistaken. Best thing is that, I own it. No need to share and I can choose what to watch or what to do [listen to good music or play video games].


Oh boy, that was indeed a happy day. I hope to repeat the whole experience soonish. As for now, I need the Lord’s graces for all the evil plans around me and my family. Protect us oh Lord.


Goodnight all and do not forget to say a little prayer!

The ChocnutMuncher

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