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♥ It’s Not Just Friday That I Heart! ♥

Another long weekend! And even if I had tons of work today, I’m super hyped by the 3-day chillax time. 🙂


I then realized that, it’s not just Friday that I heart, I love any day as long as its the last working day! 😉 Just so to keep my tradition of hammering with happiness the last working day of the week, { NO MATTER WHAT}I’m sharing to you some joys that filled my heart.


I lost some small amount of money during lunch time, so these freebies coupon from Chowking is a nice mean of OFFSETTING! I really do love their Kangkong w/ Bagoong. Appetizing much, promise!


I had the courage to SHAPE MY BROWS and I’m proud of the results! 🙂 I only get to shape it in a parlor after they trim my hair. It’s a common extra service in parlors/beauty salons.

Here’s the left one. Ain’t bad, eh? Sorry for the low resolution photos, though. I wish I could repeat it again and again and again. 🙂


My sis is convincing me to get this slumbook. It’s cute and all but even I, am lazy from answering one, so I wonder if my friends would be interested to fill it up. What do you think?

The ‘inside’ of the cutee slumbook worth Php 200.00. Half of the pages are blank pages for writings and doodles and whatever.


Remember my locket purchases from ETSY? Well, they have arrived. I just have to schedule my pick-up date from our post office. eggscited!


My favorite ever & a bag/beauty must-have! Armando Caruso’s handkerchief. Trivia: I’ve been using them since my elementary days. Yeah, our relationship, me & Armando has been going on for several years now. That, I need to post separately, I think.


My adorable new pebbles! Acquired them @ 50% OFF! How freaking cool is that!? I super love the bright colors. I think they are signs that my life will be doubly brighter in the future.

Trying out the pink violet (?). [Pardon the extras in the photos.] What’s nice about this bag aside from the affordable price is that I really think it has high quality especially the handles and also it is very SLIM but SPACIOUS at the same time. That’s rare! Slimness and Space are my number one rules when it come to bag shopping. I need them slim for LRT rides and I need them spacious to accommodate all my things. I’ll let you know soon my bag essentials.

The RED PATENT BAG. I’ve been rooting for so long for a HOT RED bag, and this is just perfect. (Pardon again the picture please. I do not wear those slippers outside. :)) If you want space in a bag, this one will give you all the space you need. It resembles a Doctor’s Bag, if you could notice. That makes it cool, for me. And the hotness of the redness, oh I love it to the max!


Another last working day. Another happiness. 🙂 After all the hassles of the day, completing this post makes me think only of smiling and being grateful. So much joy for this week, I wish to spread to all of you. Sweetnight you all.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings. Please just keep on showering us.


Advocate of Life-loving & Being Grateful Ever

The ChocnutMuncher

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