♥ Product: E.L.F Plumping Lip Glaze in Baby Doll ♥

This entry has been sitting down on my lappy for a couple of days already. That’s why I decided to post it quickly right now, on a quiet Sunday evening.


My first post about an E.L.F product happened just last Aug.25. {Read it here}. I’m almost done with my Fire Coral tube and I’m still so amazed with the product. Yep, I think I’m addicted. So addicted that I bought two more of their other colors and I’m contemplating to ditch my other lip glosses.

The Baby Doll, a bloody red at that.


What it does:

* Clear  glaze base shocks lips for instant fullness (menthol-effect)

* Tinted glaze magnifies lips contour

The promises:

* stimulates lips to create a fuller look

* tinted glaze continues to plump

* white glaze intensely hydrating

The Likes:

* The cool, clean and clear packaging! Speaks of elegance and does not look any cheaper with the original price of only Php 129.75.

* It’s not very sticky and it stays long enough [ note very long though ].

* It gives a good glossy look.

* It gives coolness/minty kick on my lips that stays for 10 minutes! Yes, I put the timer on. It’s perfect for our hot weather, don’t you think so too?

* I used not to like the sheer shade of their  Fire Coral but Baby Doll just fixes the problem. Love the red-devilish lip tint.

The Look:


The Not-So-Much-to-Like:

* It smells like an unsweetened candy for the throat or a medicinal ointment.

* It does not plump that much as I thought it would.

* I realized that it’s too glossy. Looks like I just ate a Lechon! (I just need not to overdo it, I guess)

* The sheer shades. I hope the tint could come a bit stronger since I’m not a heavy user of lipsticks.


Lovely long weekend had just passed again. Room general cleaning and clearing of books and bags took most of my time plus the movie marathon session with BF. Some notes: The Expendables – hard-core action, okay but Stallone is so out-of-place, Jet Li why’d you accept the project?! =( Anyway, I love Statham forever. The Experiment – the theories may be correct. Lacks drama though (for a movie). Eclipse – too bad you can’t change what has already been written. 🙂 Though I think its classic, being torn between two lovers but E should have shown a little hurt feeling (oh, I know, he’s a vampire – no heart, no soul). Compared to the first two sequels (Twilight and New Moon) there’s a less LOVE in this movie between E and B. You could have guessed by now, I’m Team-Edward.


How did you celebrate the precious 3-day weekend of yours? I hope you had enough happiness, reflection and love in order to start the week right (Monday again tomorrow!) after all, we’re back on the 5 days of work. Happy Monday!


The ChocnutMuncher

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