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♥ The Secret Hiatus ♥

I’ll be in a Hiatus…. and it’s a secret {until now}. 🙂


The Scenario:

The secret place: QUEEN CITY of The  South. So far I have enjoyed the famous tourist destinations such as The Taoist Temple, Skyride Adventure at Crown Regency, Magellan’s Cross, Cathedral and Basilica de Sto. Nino and Fort San Pedro. I am also enjoying my stay at my hotel room [budget friendly yet clean and comfortable}. And tomorrow I’ll be off to Tambuli Beach Resort.


This hiatus is  a breather not just from my office routines and issues but also from The Metro Life (fast, confusing, toxic). It’s a time-out, a ceasefire from all the problems and worries. This is my first time to travel less THE PLAN to rearrange my life or think things over in an ocean deep manner. I’m glad that this time around my hibernation focuses on rest, relaxation, enjoyment, happy times and good food and good vibes. Soon I’ll share my pictures and my whole experience. 🙂


Being on a pure leisure travel makes leaving things and people as well an enjoyable experience. I’m a travel buff ever since PPS Palawan amazed me 2 years ago. But after setting foot in Palawan, Bohol, Boracay, Davao, CDO, Ilocos and now Cebu, I thought I’m done with my list and that I’ll stop local traveling but I realized that I can never have enough.

Yes, a woman can never have enough of travels! For me it’s because travel is not just going to one place to another and visiting its top spots. Travel is learning new things from other places, from other people, from others’ culture and ways of life. Travel is learning more about yourself, your partner or your friends/travel pals. Travel is learning more from life experiences. Travel truly empowers!


Accept my toast for a travel-filled life for you and for me! 😉 I hope not to miss posting my “Loving Friday” entry tomorrow! Wish me luck! Goodnight for now and don’t forget to etch a smile on your lips before tucking yourself in bed. 🙂 [I’m just too happy today, you know!]


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