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♥ The Blogchological Fad. Its Face-Off! ♥

It’s the first day of the month (October)! How time flies so very fast! Don’t you agree with me? For all we know its already Our December. 🙂 I do not want to miss this golden opportunity to blog something beautiful and hopefully meaningful on this ‘special day’.


Its Time for…


I come upon this inspiring post from Chronicles of Vanity. Perfect to ponder for the cold/rainy Friday morning!

“I’ve had two instances of major pondering. The first one was when I’ve looked long and hard through my blog as I was about to go public and promote my links on Facebook. For as long as I remember, I have been diligent and vigilant in keeping this blog un-seen by friends and colleagues from work.”

“I love writing and I will write whatever the hell I want to write as long as it’s something I’ll come to admitting offline. When I replied to the question, “Why this blog, why the title and why these topics,” I said it was because this is a part of me, this is another facet of my life and I celebrate being a girl so much I just had to put it out there, I meant it. If this is not how you thought I was in person, then it’s not worth it. I know that the issue of being one and the same as your offline and online personalities are still subject to discussion and probably heated debates but I am slowly transcending to merging who I am offline and online, and I’m damn proud of it. Not that I’ll go crazy and start documenting each and every one of my thoughts but you get my drift.” – from Chronicles of Vanity

I can very much relate to her musings. I am still in the process of drawing the line between my online and offline life. I guess it takes maturity and ample time for a blogger like me to determine what they can write best and what can give them most happiness { or the readers too}. I hope to evolve soon just like Teeyah of Chronicles of Vanity.


I used to hate the idea of friends or colleagues reading my writings and because of that, I thought to myself that maybe something is wrong about my writing. For that reason as well, I’ve been a certified serial blog-starter for quite some time. I cancel them away whenever someone discovers them! I also used to do writings that only I can read but it’s nothing more than just like talking to myself or writing my traditional diary. I long for being interactive. I also used to cancel blog just because I do not think that my  writings were interesting enough, or good enough for that matter. * big sigh* Now, I am more confident when friends read my blog but I am not yet comfortable when ‘acquaintances’ do. 😉


Then the decision to DRAW THE LINE. I can think of two positive effects of having a fence in between the offline and online: 1) More filtered topics mean more interesting and better ones and 2) Safety, internet crimes are everywhere but most importantly I’ll be safe from unkind gossips. When I can finally see that thin line between my www-dot life and my more naked personality, then maybe I’ll be comfortable with the idea that my writings may be read by everyone and hence may be subject to everybody’s corrections, criticisms, laughs and kind appreciation mainly because they’re better than before and they are safe to spread and share. 🙂


Looking forward to a smooth merger of my offline and online modes. After all, Split/Dual or Multiple Personality, they say is just a therapist-induced disorder – no more than a Psychological Fad. 😉


Good vibes to all and remember to stay safe this rainy day and Smile! 😉

{Having different online & offline personalities may be just a Blogchological Fad, then. Come to think of it. It’s our blog, our writings, our words, our thoughts. They are us and we are them. We are but ONE} – The ChocnutMuncher

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