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♥ High School Life Stays FOREVER ♥

Yes it does! – around your high school friends.

Even if the conversation is predictably divided in 20-80, 20% for personal updates and 80% for reminiscing old memories, old laughter and retelling all over again of what we call as The Classic Stories, it still spells only F-U-N. Classic inside tales such as The Benedict Solution, Lost Notebook, and of course, Young Love. 🙂 It was all in high school some decade ago. However, with the sound of our laughter, the angle of our smiles and even our punchlines, it seems as if those days were just yesterday. I can really say that,

High School Life stays ‘as in‘ forever, as long as you let it live inside your heart.

I think you’ve already guessed where this particular post is heading! 😉 I & my high school amigos and Amigas finally met one more time!

Venue: Music Bank @ Macapagal Blvd.

Time: 8:00 PM 1st October 2010

Theme: “Night of Pouring Rain, Food, and Music!” { I just made it up! *wink* }

Welcome to my High School life!

(Okies, me, Nene, Chelle, Desa, Ther, Net & her hubby Bry)

* The Food (First Round) Onion Rings, forgot the rice, Sisig *

* Crispy Pata *

* The Chicken *

* More Chicken! Lollipop style. *

* The Menu @ Music Bank *

* The complimentary dessert, mix fruits! healthy! *

* The Gang *


Overall, I really enjoyed the good food, place’s ambiance (privacy & party-kick), nice sounds, high-tech videoke equips and of course, my High School Loves! That is despite the not-so-good weather all day long and the danger of going home around 1 am and the damage in my budget [ We were 12 and it cost us around Php 9,000.00 or $200.00 ]. 🙂 All’s worth it!

One More!

Are you still in contact with your dear old good HS friends? Better get in touch with them again! I promise it’ll be fun to walk down the memory lane with those special people from the past.

Have a good week!

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