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♥ Tastebuds: Shining Emerald Cafe ♥

I love today’s Friday only because I do not have much paper works. Well, why. That ain’t a crime right?! 😉 To complete my day I’m posting another food trip I previously had at The Queen City of South, Cebu. Have you ever been there? If yes, have you tried eating at Shining Emerald Cafe? It’s a fairly nice treat!

* Chicken Saltimboca: costs Php 260.00 *

The presentation was good. Broccoli was too cooked though. { I appreciate more if vegetables were half-cooked only, if not raw. } Chicken and other stuff in the center was nice, outer crust was rightly crispy but this entree’s ‘make or break‘ is the sauce which unfortunately did not pass my taste. Its too bland for me.

Here, take  another look!


* Honey-glazed Spareribs: costs Php 225.00 *

My favorite, even in other restaurants – honey-glazed dishes { may it be chicken, beef or pork }! It looks small, but believe me, it has enough meat to satisfy a stomach. The spareribs was thoroughly done. The honey glazing sauce was perfect with the onion on top of it. I only wished it had more sauce and veggies (surrounding). The rice which I forgot what the name was, was good too. Love it! I did enjoy my food.

The picture itself is gastronomically rebelling already!


This dinner is still alive in my memory as one lovely evening in a quiet, small and cozy restaurant (probably not much known) in Cebu City. Shining Emerald Cafe is located at the ground floor of  Golden Valley Hotela budget and customer friendly hotel near University of San Carlos.


When out of town (OOT), do you always include in your MUST-DO list a place to dine or a time to enjoy good food especially local treats? Well, I do and it has been fun so far. 🙂


Have a happy weekend!


The ChocnutMuncher

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