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♥ Chronicles of The Big Day Plunge ♥

For some, the decision to wed are easier than marriage but I’d say the otherwise. My/Our decision to finally tie-the-knot “the more proper way” may have come in a spur of the moment but the decision to live together for the rest of our lives has been there for a year or so.

The only reason why we could not plan for a wedding was, I can’t think of a motif. Okay, I heard you! Point taken. I’m not making any sense. 🙂 Out of so many colors, I could have just chosen any one of them. Peach, orange like my sis’, purple like my sis’ too, pinks or blues since I never had a debut party or simply white because my Big Day would just be simple, or green perhaps ‘coz I’m a nature lover. But no! I will not just pick one from the color wheel. I want my whole heart and soul in every detail of my Big Day Plunge. I do not want to settle for anything less than what I want, or anything mediocre for me.

Until Heaven sent me an answer one night, while watching a teleserye‘s wedding scene. Mocha, Skin-tone, Light brown, whatever you call it, it’s gonna be the color of my Big Day!

The embellishments which would be a mix of flower embroidery and beads would also be brown, off-white and gold. Something classic and sophisticated. Something like what the goddess wore in Mythology. 🙂

So there, with one teleserye episode, a dress sold in the office and over a dinner with BF in a fattening, high-cholesterol fast-food restaurant, The Big Day Plunge {at least, the plan} was born. I want it neat and I want it simple. Most importantly, I want it solemn and festive. A little secretive too. I want it intimate and full of good vibes. 🙂

Should I really be talking about this? I really don’t know but something as good as this does not deserve to be kept like a little dark secret!

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