♥ WaLkiNg The LiNe ♥

I’m confused. It is interestingly confusing. That’s my initial reaction. This topic is indeed out of our league already since it has been buried deeply down in the past but having watched and falling in love with the 2005 hit movie starring Joaquin Phoenix (Oscar nominated) and Reese Witherspoon (Oscar’s Best Actress), “Walk The Line” and then reading the other side of the story through a memoir published in 2007, I Walked The Line, I’m hell confused. (Finding the movie and the book happened unintentionally, by chance only I could say.) But I guess, NO ONE would ever know the truth except Johnny Cash, Vivian Liberto-[Cash]-Distin and June Carter-Cash. May they all rest in peace.

Left photo: Johnny & June Right photo: Johnny and Vivian

The infamous Love Triangle during the 60’s.

Left photo: The memoir of Vivian Cash-Distin Right photo: The movie which showcases the love affair of Johnny and June.


Sure, it’s intriguing and sure these cases happen to anyone, anywhere but not all are like Johnny Cash, June Carter and Vivian Liberto. Certainly they have their own side of stories to tell { or not } but almost always, there is this underlying TRUTH in every controversy. That truth, they’d carried on with their deaths.


I love both the movie and the book though I do not know and will never know what’s real and what’s not. And honestly, not that I care to know who tells the truth {at least not anymore}. Why? Because their stories are coming from different, maybe opposite understandings, angles and perspectives.  But if you watch the movie and read the book without correlating or connecting them, they can be a great source of learning and inspiration, and I decided to stick to that. Who walked the line do not matter any more than who crossed it. They’re no longer important.


The ChocnutMuncher

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