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♥ Lazy Sunday Afternoon ♥

I already attended an anticipated Sunday mass yesterday night, that’s why I’m totally FREE this afternoon. Free to be Lazy. 😉 Not very lazy though ‘coz I’ve got a closet to clean & arrange and a room to maintain. But in the afternoon, I can surely enjoy some great music, awesome film and leveling-up my Harry Potter game.


The laid-back ambiance of a Sunday afternoon reminds me to be grateful for the blessings that brought me both joys and learning the past days. To start of, here is what makes me excited to meet and greet year 2011:

* Finally, the last on my list of “Philippine’s Bets for Wonders of the World – THE MAYON VOLCANO {The perfect cone!} *

Photo Via


Then a movie BF and I are looking forward to:

* The Social Network. Is this Facebook’s history? Is the lead actor the new Spider-Man? hmmm… That alone makes me wanna watch it and see who replaces my love Tobey! *

IMDB info


For my Big Day Plunge, I’ve got this:

* An inspiration for the Cake *

I forgot to copy the photo source.


Finally, I found my long lost e-book of MAKTUB { meaning: It is written } by Rick Warren. Allow me to share one story written on it:

“The master says: “From now on and for the next few hundred years the universe is going to boycott all those have preconceived ideas. The energy of the Earth has to be renewed.  New ideas need space. The body and the soul need new challenges. The future is knocking on our door, and all ideas except those that are based upon preconceptions will have a chance to appear. “What is important will remain; what is useless will disappear. But let each person judge only his own concepts.  We are not the judges of the dreams of others. In order to have faith in our own path, it is not necessary to prove that another’s path is wrong.  One who does that does not believe in his own steps.”

Have a great week!

The Chocnut Muncher


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