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♥ Establishing Your Sense of Happiness ♥

This is not the first time I thought of the importance of knowing what makes you happy – real happy in an earth-bound life. If Love is a decision, then clearly Happiness is a choice of the heart. I know someone dear, so dear actually, to my heart who has lost her interest to live. I also know someone important to me who isn’t happy with the outcome of his life after XX years of living {or should I say existence?}. Those were sad stories. However, theirs may be a little scary and not so inspiring tales of life BUT I’m certain, they are a great source of learning.


A sound-minded person knows that he/she needs to do something everyday that he/she enjoys doing. That is, if he/she wants to experience daily bits of joy and at the same time stay sane with all life’s stressful blows. For young people that’s easy. We’ve got money for travel, shopping, movies, sports, parties, gimiks and what have you. But what’s more important than fund availability are ENERGY, STRENGTH, DESIRE and PASSION and HOPES and DREAMS. Things many old people do not possess anymore. Do you remember the saying, “The saddest truth about life is that when you’re young you’ve got all the time and energy BUT you don’t have money to do what you want, and as you get old you’ve got all the money BUT no more energy and time.”? Sadly true, eh?


Going back to my point, I really believe in establishing within ourselves some Sense of Happiness. A happiness that is NOT money-bound, INDEPENDENT (from people and other factors) and most importantly AGE-PROOF. A happiness that is not just good for one day or will expire in weeks or months but instead a Happiness that will last even beyond a lifetime and would originate and propagate in our hearts and would spread out around us much like a virus – airborne type! I’m afraid that if I ever failed to do so then at one point in my life, melancholy will take the best of me. Sadness will vanish my energy, strength, desires, passion, hopes and dreams. It’s gonna be a meaningless breath. I can face the reality of growing old with wrinkles, sagging and gray hair as long as I can radiate with HAPPINESS. I do not want to be neither bored nor boring old woman. I want to live my life up to the last beat. I just do not want to lose my interest to live and love.


The saddest things that could ever happen to me is if I grow so old (like a granny) with nothing but regrets in life or super unsatisfied about myself and then I lose my sense and interest for Life. I do not want a mere existence. I want my presence – full presence. I want LIVING and LOVING ’till I cast my last breath.


Have you thought of what you’ll be like in 30-40 years from today? 🙂 I am doing it now and I’ll be listing  the “things to do to make old-granny-me happy“. I can grow old but I can’t grow old lonely. I refuse to. I better keep up with my faith/spirituality. I believe they’ll be a great deal of help when twilight comes.


Good night you all. Smile and have a happy Life! 🙂

The ChocnutMuncher

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