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♥ FG-FM [Feel Good Friday Mood] ♥

I feel so positive today and I do not know why exactly! But what the heck!? 🙂 Despite the on-off rain pour outside I couldn’t be happier with the bunch of warm colleagues that surround me in the office. I heart you guys! To the max!

Visualizing my happy heart today are the following:

* an unexpected pasalubongs from one of my officemates! *

Thank you Ms. Ma!

* FB messages from my ever beautiful Bea {using her mom’s, my sis’ account) Sometimes she even text me using my mom’s mobe, telling me “uwi ka na pls”. Sweet really! *

* Uno’s Turning 6 Party! Its such a great feeling to be surrounded with children – all 8 of them, running, screaming, singing, dancing and all! I felt like a kid too.*

* a much-needed talk over a cup of coffee with someone who can help me out with my Investments who happened to be a dear girlfriend too *

* and the long awaited dinner with my best pal Che amidst the sale madness at Mega [a despedida for her Ortigas life ‘coz she’s now in the busy Makati CBD! *

* The Colors *

* I’m starting to get into some art/colors lately for my passion with scrap-booking and other crafts. Oh how I love those days when all I care about were my box of stationery, crayons, pens, cut-outs, stickers, scissors and other paraphernalia and tools. Day-in, day-out, all through out the summer vacation, I do that and I’m not just bored at all. *

Friday just feels so good today. 🙂 Later, I’ve got date with BF to some resto with live band performances. And also, I’m going to reserve a place for something we’re cooking up and in which I’m in charge with the venue. I wanna get involved with it so much ‘coz The Event is too important to me. 😉 Wish me luck guys!!!


I sincerely hope you had a great week however if things are different for you today make sure you make your weekend special!

The ChocnutMuncher


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