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♥ Tastebuds: Flavours of China ♥

After exercising – our right of voting for our Barangay officials (small community officials), we went straight to the nearest mall to have some quality faMEALy time. 🙂 Since mom and dad are both so much in love with Chinese delicacies, we decided to revisit “Flavours of China”.

* The Appetizer: Shrimp Cracker. Nothing special. It’s for free! *


* Yang Chow Fried Rice. What I like is that it’s not salty or greasy but a li’l flavor would have been better. *

Cost: Php 200.00 good for 3-4 persons


*Sorry, I took the photo a little late! 🙂 My parents love it and the bittermelon or amplaya in tagalog is very good for the health especially for my parents’ since they are diabetics. Sadly for me, it’s too ‘maluya’ or too much ginger I could taste. *

Cost: Php 235.00


* Steam Fish w’ garlic. This is my new favorite. Why? It’s malinamnam / tastes so good, so exact. I like the fish a lot, no off-taste, off-odor or any fishy sting. *

Cost: Php 210.00


* Mixed Seafood Curry. What can I say, but I really prefer foods which aren’t dry meaning, food w/ sauce I appreciate more. This one tastes, well curry but no something special that would make me order it again. *

Cost: Php 235.00


* Lemon Chicken. I love this too. Chicken is thoroughly cooked, crispy yet unburned and the most important for me – NOT GREASY! I think it’s best if they could serve the lemon sauce on a separate bowl/platter. *

Cost: Php 210.00


Then we had desserts! Buchi (w/c my sis did not like the filling and Siomai which dad loved.

Cost: Php 75.00

Cost: Php 85.00


My Bea darling’s special order Mango Shake which is maasim! hehe.. (Php 80.00)

Cost: Php 80.00

For soup, we ordered my mom’s favorite, “Green Seafood Spinach which I forgot to take a picture of. Its real yummy rich. Love it too. Cost: Php 195.00


FaMeaLy times are the best times. I hope for this to happen always even if we’re busy with our own lives. When was the last time you ENJOYED GOOD FOOD with your dear family? { Good food for me are not just found on fancy restos but also and most especially in your home kitchen, cooked by the Loving Mother of the house }.


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