♥ The E! Ring (E for engagement) ♥

Has it been eternity since my last post? ;(  I am actually dying to share through my online blog Lots of stuff that happened just recently like the VERY SUCCESSFUL HALLOWEEN PARTY of me & my friends, the WEEKEND HIBERNATION in no less ANAWANGIN, Zambales, the Health Concerns of my favorite aunt, my Career Dilemmas and of course, the DEVELOPMENTS of my Big Day Plunge! Yes, there have been lots of developments the last days. No wonder, I had no time to blab. 😉


But I wanna take them pieces by pieces, little by little for now I am but too occupied by this:

* Jessica Simpson’s ENGAGEMENT RING ( E! Ring ) *

Ruby red and offset by diamonds. The rich, red color symbolizes love and passion.

{ forgot to copy the photo source, soweee }


As someone who’s already planning to take The Plunge, I already have my own magical E! rings. And just like Simpson’s, one of them has a Ruby stone in the center. =D Truly, it is unconventional but no less than romantic and real. Wanna see mine? I’ll share it soon. In the meantime, here’s the link for the complete report about J.S’. engagement with her beau!

The ChocnutMuncher

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