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♥ My Perfect Hideaway: Anawangin ♥

This is way too late but I so want to write about it and share it here simply because it’s one of my personal experiences that gave me so much joy, the closest thing to a BLISS. Bliss, which I have never felt for so long. I will certainly treasure this one for the rest of our lives. =)

It all begun here:

No doubt or whatsoever, it was THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE in no more than a minute of thinking!!! 🙂

Our journey for a weekend of crazy-risky fun acts and solitude laughter started at the Victory Liner Bus Station at Monumento on a Thursday night. We arrived at the bus station at around 10:30 PM. The bus started to roll at around 11 PM. We headed to San Antonio, Zambales! After three hours of rest in the bus, we arrived at the Provincial Capitol at last. We hired a tricycle to transport us to APO BAKET’s place (our contact is Mang Florentino). We were all in all – 5! Two of us, however, had already been in Anawangin before so everything else was easy for me and the other 2 girlfriends.

The stars which unfortunately I could not capture in photo prints were magnificent. Truly, they are like pearls and diamonds in the rich silk blackness of the night. Breathtaking! I could not help but gaze up even if I’d suffer from a stiff neck after. We rested in a Nipa Hut at Apo Baket, where we waited for the 6 AM sunrise.

Exactly 6 AM of Friday, we braved the waters of Anawangin heading to the secluded virgin island, where there is no electricity and cell signal. I’m okay with electricity out ‘coz I’m game for such adventures but I was not prepared to not using my CP for the next 28-30 hours!

When we arrived in Anawangin island, oh boy, I almost forgot my name. Back to basics folks. It was perfect. You’ll feel that all those problems and worries and hatred and concerns were all behind you now. You’ve left them. You’ve managed to get away and detached yourself from them. For example, I was able to snap myself out of my toxic work. I FEEL EMPOWERED and MORE IN CONTROL. I found me.

I found my happiness with old friends. I found trust and gave it back too. It was an excellent bonding moment. We laughed, shared secrets, stories, joked around, laughed some more and love each other all the way. As I detach myself from the things that make me miserable, I was attaching myself to the greatest things in life – friendship, trust, respect, laughter, and love. If laughter was a great a medicine, then Anawangin has healed me. Yes, it healed my heart’s open wounds, broken spirits, and mind sores.

The recharging phase ended Sunday morning. We headed back to Manila. Back to reality but now I have that piece of Anawangin and that piece of my good friends that had made me somehow better, in all aspects you may think of.


Bus ticket estimate = Php 250.00 (one way)

Boat Ride = Php 100.00 (two-way)

Trycycle = Php 50.00 daytime / Php 100.00 night time

You can message me if you’re interested to know our contact at APO BAKET.

The overlooking view of Anawangin shore. We did some hiking! Well worth it, though.

Anawangin spells R-O-M-A-N-C-E as well. 😉

The Sunset. Me Time. My Light. My Life.

I still have a lot to say/write but I really think this post is too long already. I’d rather save the other words for the coming days. I just pray that you can also experience what I had experienced in Anawangin. It’s truly an unexplainable and indescribable feeling. Try it while you still can! 🙂 Goodnight all. Cheers to life!

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