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♥ Room For More ♥


“My top picks, the past days.”


I love books, that includes the actuality of reading them or just buying them off the shelves of stores. 🙂 Most of my books are piled up in a built-in cabinet of my ‘maiden room’ at my parents’  house. Some are still in Wellington NZ waiting to be shipped back. While the newbies are everywhere in our house! I admit that getting myself in a reading mojo is no easier than finding an ample time to read them. Most weekdays spell B-U-S-Y-N-E-S-S at work. Most weekends were allotted for MY BIG DAY (before) and now to the HOUSE MOVE. Also, pleasure time if there’s any are spent with movies, since it’s kind of a common ground for me and hubby plus a 2-hour movie break won’t kill my intended tasks and won’t leave me feeling bitin.


These are my books on the loose! And believe me, you’ll see a lot more of my books around the house. 😦 I wish that one day soon I could find them a proper place. After all, I’m not seeing myself stopping from going to bookstores and buying more of these written gems any time in the future. The mere sight of them relaxes me in a way that no other massage, essential oils, music or shopping could do. That is why, I basically, undeniably and undoubtedly NEED A ROOM FOR MORE!


* These are my new babies! *


They are my precious treasures.

Good for pleasure, a legacy to the future.



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