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♥ BicoLandia Teaser ♥

In 5 days time, welcome me Bicol!


I’ve been the busiest bee before and after I got married. That’s why a honeymoon was not a priority after The Big Day Plunge. We just had a sleep-over in Tagaytay and savored its famoso bulalo and very cold weather. Since, I kinda want to keep my tradition of spending Valentine’s Day out of the City / Metro, I booked a flight to Legazpi Albay!


My hubby actually picks the destination this time. He wants to complete his list of Philippines’ top bets for The Wonders of the World which includes Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan, Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Mount Mayon in Bicol (apparently the last one we have to mark with a big check!).


Now, a teaser… to keep me excited & to inspire me to do my research!

* The Pride of Donsol, Sorsogon (2 hours away from Legazpi), Butandings or whale-sharks.*


* Another Sorsogon’s attraction which is slowly capturing the tourists attention, FIREFLIES! *

scene from my favorite Studio Ghibli’s Film, Grave of the Fireflies


* How can I pass the chance to feel the sun, sand and sea once more?! I heard Caramoan Island is another gem! *


* This is the main reason why the hubby chose Bicol as our honeymoon destination.


The European or Asian Tour/Honeymoon may not be happening any time soon but the dream is still lingering in my soul, very active at that! 🙂

For now, I’ll be glad to squeeze out the beauty of our own land. I’ve only got a few left! yehey to me!

I have not researched yet nor prepared anything (from clothes to itineraries), so if you guys wanna help me out, feel free to post your comments.

It’s a fun Friday after all, despite the office hurdles. Atleast I have Bicol to look forward to next week. May God bless us with a safe and joyful travel plus the sightings of whale-sharks and fireflies. That would really be a romantic experince for me!

P.S. Bicol delicacies are known to be spicy. They are pepper-ful! That’d would help a lot in our honeymoon, don’t you think? LOL 😉





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