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♥ All About New! ♥

Happy Chinese New Year! (Kung Hei Fat Choi!)


I do not have any Chinese blood but my personal resolutions for 2011 were finished very late (over a month!) that’s why I’m taking the Chinese New Year as an excuse to write & talk about some of my resolutions.


(in random)

(1) Healthy Living. I’m postponing the start of a  healthy lifestyle for too long now. It’s time that I put it a the top priority list! Undeniably, Health is wealth, a great one! I’d like to get hook into some activity (sports, exercise) that will make me all sweaty!

(2)  Financial literacy. Not that I’m a financial illiterate but I wanna take my knowledge to some greater heights, like STOCKS maybe. 😉

(3)  Seriously excited to start some good deeds. I like to make my sharing on a more regular basis. It’s another long overdue plan.

(4)  Develop my interests and discover new ones as well. I’m the type of a girl who can be zoned once I’m really into something but after a while, I’d go and look for another zone. I cannot stay put to one activity. I can always go back to the things I love like reading or scrap-booking but I can’t do them daily for years! I need other hobbies, new learning and experiences. I believe that it takes a happy wife to have a happy home. 🙂 And I need to constantly chase that happiness. It has been a challenge for me ever since.

(5)  Love my parents MORE than how I used to do before. Now that I’m married, I can’t help but appreciate them all the more, love them all the more and I want to give them no less than what they deserve for being such lovely parents.

(6) Be faithful to my faith. That includes nourishing and flourishing it. This is my highest priority of all. Sadly, the way the world works right now does not compliment (conflicts even) the way everything was supposed to be! (IMO) If I may just share this, I’m not a 100% believer of the sacrament of confession (to the priests) but when I did confess how I HATED this one particular person, the anger or should I say grudge disappeared and blessings flowed unto us from that very moment. This is one calling that I should be faithful to my faith and I’ll do it.

(7) Do the home-works. I’m a homemaker now, I should at least try as early as today to be the excellent wife and mother-to-be. Amen!?

(8)  Complete my bucket list.

(9)  Get my own unique style from clothes to perfume. Identify myself and character as a woman. I do not actually know how the hell will I do that. haha

(10) Print my pictures and have them in a nice photo album. All of them. 🙂

When I looked back at my previous resolutions, one of them captured my attention and makes me smile as I realized that I actually did it! Reconnect with my most special of friends. More about that on my next post about my 2010 recap!




“2011 ain’t all about me nor all about you, It’s all about NEW!”

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