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♥ The friendship that it was… ♥

Having REAL bunch of friends in the workplace is one of the best things in life. And I’m lucky to have peers anybody could ever hope for. I guess, what I’m trying to say is that: I MISS THEM (so much).


One has gone down under and the other in London, some in other offices. I know that it is an inevitable part of life. Nothing ever stays the same. Even ourselves change, more often than we thought we do. This March, I’ll be turning 4 in my current office. Yes, I admit not every minute was heaven, nor every person an angel but being surrounded by natural beauties, fun-loving individuals, soft-hearted creatures and hard-working as*es makes every working day more bearable and live-worthy.


So what do I miss about them? EVERYTHING! The laughter. The secret gestures and blinks. The random stories. The yummy meryendas and lunch-outs. Wild and sporty Gimiks. ‘Till 3AM Videoke / Inuman session. The impromptu sleep-overs. The Friday babies. The ROB movie-time. The out of the blue out-of-town trips and travels. The simple & grand dreams. The vivid and raw plans. The endless support. The unwavering smile. The eternal love and care. Perhaps I am not mentioning here even half of our togetherness. But those times, mentioned or not are the best memories I have of my office life for 4 years.


I know they miss us too and at one point in life, we will all part ways but I know that we will pray for each others’ best interests and we’ll be happy for each others’ achievements and successes.



* Halloween Party 2010 *


* My 25th birthday! They surprised me really! *


The friendship that it was, was simply amazing and worth keeping!


How about you? Do you have real good friends in the office who makes life not just easier but sweeter as well? You’re most welcome to share your stories and ideas on how to thank them back or how to show your appreciation!? 🙂




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