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♥ Wedding Glimpse ♥

I kinda failed to chronicle my wedding  preps. 😦 But what the fuzz!? I mean, planning your own wedding in 6 weeks is enough kick in the as* already, right!? And making it a success should be more than just an achievement for me. Anyway, I have my very reliable memory pa naman. I can still remember the step-by-step and the nitty gritty details,  no matter how little they are.  Also, I’ve got tons of receipts, notes on my lappy, CP, calendars and handy booklet. So, maybe one day I could make a summary of tips on how to plan & what to do & what not to do when you’re planning to throw your own plunge!


I’ll just get my act together first, ‘coz I’m still a little bewildered with the wedding aftermath, house move and ofcourse, honeymoon (separate post)! 😉 For now, here’s to give you a glimpse of my special day.


Probably not my best angle but I still love this moment. 🙂



Chocnut meets Muncher

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