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♥ Tastebuds: Sizzling Pepper Steak ♥

Found these images on my phone camera… I remember it was taken during my birthday celebration with my family at Sizzling Pepper Steak @ Harbour Square, CCP Complex.

I cannot exactly remember what our orders were.  🙂 but they were sure yummyLicious!

If you’re a steak-y person, try this resto out.


Peppered Chicken Steak yata. 🙂 Price: 185 pesos

The Rib Eye Steak. I absolutely loved it! Price: 335 pesos

The Rice. Good for 2-3 persons.


I’ll surely wanna go back here with my good friends naman.

It’s an indescribably nice feeling to share good-tasting food with the good people in our lives. Sometimes with friends and this time with family. 🙂 Thanks for the blessings dear God. We love you!




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