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♥ A Perfect Getaway: The Movie ♥

It’s raining video clips from YouTube in my little island-net today!

Hubbyness and I watched it the other night. And what can I say but I loved it!  The storyline was great and even the script itself was good too. Well, do not expect much on cinematography or effects though I honestly think they’re not needed. The IMDB rating is only 6.5 but that’s not really bad, is it?  The Hawaii aerial shots were also amazing (makes me wanna go there too). What the movie needed in order to be BIG were: more fight scenes, more gory scenes and more emotion from the character of Nick (or all the characters). Steve Zahn (“Joyride and Management”) did  a great job and also Mila Jovovich  (“Resident Evil”). The plot was nice and waiting for things to unravel was not boring at all. That is some kind of a success for a movie, if you ask me. It actually excited me pa nga. However it could have been a lot better. I just felt that the ending came so easily and fast. A little bitin for the climax. Nonetheless, I really liked it. 🙂

You can check out the trailer link below to see if it suits your taste as well. I do recommend it for suspense/adventure suckers like us!

The Good Points: 1. The TWIST.

2. The flashback.

3. Steve Zahn and the actresses.

4. The spirit of adventure and the romance.

5. The backpacker style.

The Bad Points: 1. The other actor didn’t do very well. (IMO)

2. More action scenes would’ve been great!

3. More gory shots would’ve make it a lot better.



* Marley Shelton was more of an extra here. 😦 I like her pa naman. Some of her movies were: Sugar and Spice and Valentine.

Hope you’ll like it too. But I’m glad I didn’t watch it before I took off for my honeymoon just weeks ago! LOL

Have a good week! 😉


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