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♥ QuickPost: For Pet Lovers, Eight Below The Movie ♥

The movie that made me love them even if I can’t be with them. haha

I am not so comfortable with dogs around. A fact that’s been around with me since childhood. I’m scared of their bites, possible rabies and the big, deep scars it might leave on my skin. Not that I’m flawless or anything. 🙂

But my movie-buff hubby convinced me to watch the Paul Walker movie, “Eight Below”. Yeah, that guy who I like in a funny way simply because of how he walks. Didn’t you notice it? By the way, he’s also the Big Guy from the famous “Fast and the Furious”.

Back to Eight Below, a 2006-movie with an IMDB rating of 7.3 (that’s why hubby recommended it) about the survival of eight sled dogs who were  left in Antartica for 6 cold months and the journey their trainer/owner (P.Walker) took in order to find again his “kids” (dogs).

It brought me to tears! Paul was ‘as usual’. But the dogs were a-mazing! Loved them to bits and my heart was deeply touched that I no longer mind the story glitches. 🙂 Go see the trailer  link below, pet lovers!



I hope to own a pet soon. :0



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