♥ Financial Luck for 2011 ♥


Most financial articles are boring, at least from the title to its first few  sentences. Or… maybe I said that mainly because I’m working in the Accounting Department of a Finace Company. Eight to ten hours a day, five days a week, that’s it.


Since its Monday (day I wrote this post), I do not want to be boring but I want to blab something about financials in a positively light manner. So here’s what I found / learned regarding Financial Luck for 2011 (Will it be a luck or will it be a lack of honey-money?)!


source / excerpts from: www.moonslipper.com

Rat: (me! me! me!, no… we! we! we!) This year is slow and steady. Be patient and content with steady progress though your career will advance quite nicely.

Ox: Put everything behind you and look forward to 2011 with better prospects in romance, career and friendships.

Tiger: Another positive year for you! You may decide to get married, travel to a dream location, change homes and enjoy a financial windfall.

Rabbit: This will be a stunning and most favorable year especially in work, career and finances.

Dragon: Another positive and happy year for you! Your financial situation will improve, romance and travel are highlighted and educational opportunities will greatly enhance 2012 prospects.

Snake: You’ll feel back on track. Make sure you’re doing what you like and excel at. Romance and friendship will be superb.

Horse: Focus will be in your career, with unexpected developments and promotional opportunities.

Goat: This year will be more upbeat, positive and happy. The year starts off brilliantly if you’re seeking employment or a career change.

Monkey. 2011 will be the year for the Monkey to move forward, leaving any disappointments and regrets behind.

Rooster: This year will be more quieter. Curb your enthusiasm just a bit and practice some patience and common sense.

Dog: Leave the past challenging years behind to have a most gratifying and happy year. This year has shining possibilities, especially on your personal life and finances.

Pig: You’ll feel good in 2011 and would like wonderful things to happen all at once! Learn to pace yourself or you may experience burnout.

Want some pocketful of lucky charms?

1. Keep a dollar or foreign currency in your wallet. Avoid spending or exchanging them.

2. Keep old bills in your wallet.

3. Keep antique coin or coin you found somewhere in the streets in your purse. It’ll be your lucky coin!

4. Keep a pack of sugar in your wallet.

5. Keep a bill with a series starting from a flower symbol! (like the one in playing cards)… and I tell you finding one is hard!

P.S. however…

I or no one perhaps, can and will vouch for the effectiveness or truthfulness of the above lucky charms. I for one believe that prayers and hard work will bring me financial blessings. These kind of things just keep me un-bored with life. 🙂

Kudos to Financial Freedom for this year and all the years to come! 🙂



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