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♥ The Fragility of Trust ♥


The past days have been an emotional roller-coaster for me as I learn some important Life lessons wherein pain being hurt is relatively inevitable.

For the first time in my whole adult life, I’ve met people who are damn good LIARS. I know, don’t tell me, I’m being hard on this one. I know too that I’m perfectly imperfect. I say white lies from time to time or just plain lies with the consideration if I’m affecting or stepping on anyone else around me and my perfect lies. I love keeping mum as well on certain things, keeping my secrets to myself only or to my “circle of trust” at the most.

In the midst of feeling violated by liars, I am happy and  proud about my Circle of Trust which consists of my select office-mates and friends outside the office who I gained from all these years. Recently though, some people had the guts and courage to lie right in-front of my face! Well, of course they’re outside my circle, nonetheless it irritates me so much because their lies affected not just me but also some people and things who are close to my heart.

For me it’s an actual realization that NOT ALL CAN BE TRUSTED and its not a nice experience to be involved in fabricated and twisted lies. As for the brighter side of the picture, I now appreciate more my REAL FRIENDS and I commit to treasure and cherish them at all times. Most importantly, I vow to take very good care of the TRUST I’ve been privileged to be given with.

As for those perfect habitual liars who made this post possible and also the “LIAR, LIAR” soundtrack I have made (I’ll post soon), 🙂 I forgive you. Thank you and may God bless your souls. As I always love to say, Life is too beautiful for us to mind other people’s pretty lies much more to listen again to stories never really happened or happened only on the reverse. 🙂

SweetNight folks, I’m having a blast in IloIlo! And it ain’t a lie! 🙂 woohoo!!!



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