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♥ FamiLy TasteBuds: TERIYAKI BOY! ♥

This is not our first time to eat at Teriyaki Boy because (1) this is our baby B‘s favorite and (2) this is one of the few restos located near her ballet school (CCP). And just so to break the feeling of ordinariness, I decided to be a little more adventurous on our orders. Anyhow my sis & I are splitting  the bill, so better satisfy my tastebuds! 🙂

Ika Fry (150.00 pesos)

Tofu Steak (155.00 pesos)

Asparagus Bacon? (165.00 pesos)

Philly Cheese Steak Roll (175.00 pesos)

Saigon Roll (150.00 pesos)

Gyoza (110.00 pesos)

Teriyaki Boy is always a sweet treat whenever my family’s up for a Japanese cuisine (i.e. AFFORDABLE). My personal favorites are 1) Chicken Tempura 2) Asparagus Bacon; and 3) Philly Cheese Steak Roll. 🙂 Click here for the rest of their menu!

However, personally speaking (PS), any meal shared by families becomes  gourmet-like dishes, almost instantly! Add some laughter and thanksgiving, then there’s nothing more to miss.

Have a lovely week!


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