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♥ Writeshop @ Century Park Hotel ♥

I once told a friend that every plan for a re-organization has its own issues of discomfort, fear and agony. And sorry to say this but IMO, no HR Specialist has ever been a success in the matter of pacifying an organization undergoing a big structural change. It’s definitely a tough job because at the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, some people will hate you.


This is my second time to be part of a re-organization. And, nope, I’m not yet traumatized. I perfectly understand the reasons behind but still I’m just like everybody else, I’m not spared from the agony.


For the lighter note, what I love about office changes are the workshops, meetings, forums and write-shops that company offers just before the Main Thing. And just recently, we had one ( A Job Description Writeshop ) at Century Park Hotel. Gotta love their servings! 😉

The Snacks!

The Pumpkin Soup

The main courses which we all loved!

The Ice-Breaker Activity - Go Dance-Exercise!


Honestly, we may think that stuff like these are just icing on a rotten cake. But, it’s a reality too that some situations are beyond our control. So just go with the flow. Do your best. Show your worth and trust Him all the way. And always remember that in Life, we always have options, sometimes we don’t see them but yes we have, just have a little more Faith. 🙂


Are you into a re-organization too? How’s your company doing? Have a good weekend, despite the gloomy weather, ok?

Much love,


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