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♥ Hit-list Before Twilight Years ♥




I am one of the believers of the magnificent power of — WORDS. Once you write them down, the Universe would as if suddenly start its own conspiracy to make what we wrote come true. Inspired by Jack Canfield’s (original) Chicken Soup for the Soul, the book, 100 Things To Do Before You’re Old and Boring, the movie Bucket List and the amazing Life itself, I am sharing here for the very first time my very first set of Karenized Life Hit-list Before Twilight Years. 🙂

Let’s get started.


1.  Buy a Family Car. I want to buy our own car soon for all the convenience of owning one brings [especially once I get pregnant] and also for the satisfaction of  my endless countless dreams of ROAD TRIPS !!! I always get this unique sense of serenity and peace every time I’m in a joyride.

2Build a Library. Or at least house my wide collection of books properly & accordingly. One of my stress-buster is buying books on BookSale. The mere sight of them relaxes me to the point of Nirvana, much more of course when I get the time to read them. From religious ones to novels, numerous self-help and other collectibles like TITANIC, name it and I have it, but the thing is, not even half of them are stored properly.

3.  Read the BIBLE. Just because I want to & (IMO) every soul should yearn for it.

4.  Learn To Cook Mom’s Cuisines. To name a few: Pochero, Menudo, Sweet & Sour, Chopsuey and Spaghetti. She’s not a trained/certified cook but she cooks very, very good! And as a homemaker I must deal with Cooking 101, sooner or later. To be honest, I can cook and I do sometimes. All I need is to practice and further improve my cooking.

5.  Put Up An E-Fund. Yep, an emergency fund is I think a must for every family. Better be ready than sorry for being caught unprepared by life’s-not-so-good surprises. Right? I’ve got a little cash saved in the bank plus some investments but I don’t think they could sustain me for a year of drought, so I wanna save up some more.

6.  Learn Another Language. For this, I am highly considering Spanish! Hola amigas! 🙂 Simply because I certainly think that Spanish is one of the most widely used foreign language.

7.  Invest. It is but proper that I stash away a portion of my hard-earned dough for some income-generating instruments called Investments [preferably passive income], so say hello to me PSEx! { Thanks to you Tere dear, for the brilliant idea and wonderful help! }

8.  Get Involve Into a Constant Charity. Yes, may it be a fixed monthly contribution or a monthly / bi-monthly volunteer work. I am actually thinking of World Vision right now. Any other suggestions?

9.  Travel some more and more after that. 🙂 If there’s something I really cannot give up, its the joy and fulfillment Travel brings to my whole being. I want another backpack trip in perhaps, BATANES and another luxurious beach vacation in perhaps, CORON. At first, I only travel for leisure and… PICTURES, however as time passes by and I got more opportunities and budget for travel, I now look for greater meaning like getting to know more about local life, local cuisines, history and promise of each places. And one thing I absolutely love about Traveling is the chance it gives me to know more about myself, my God, my faith & my companion, if I have any.

10.  Get Cultured. What I actually have in mind are: watch more theatrical plays, attend to various art exhibits, see lots of Indie movies, visit every museum and {by hook or by crook} learn to draw and paint. 🙂 Even if “art” does not run in my blood, I will insist because Arts and Culture is something my personality cannot resist!

11.  Attend a Christian Retreat or Recollection For My Soul. Since a trip to Rome is far from my current reality, an equal soul-nourishing experience should be put in place. I’d like to engage in a retreat in either a beautiful farm in a far-away province or in a cool place like Tagaytay. I have never been into a retreat or a recollection so I’m really looking forward to getting this thing done.

12.  This is more of a wild dream! Walk in the beach in a two-piece bikini or at least swim wearing it, WITHOUT vest. 🙂 How I wish I could get my body & weight back, 3 years ago! And this leads to the next number!

13.  Exercise, Drop Some Pounds and Develop a Sports. This is my biggest problem of all! I eat veggies and I can cut down on carbs, sodas and meat but I cannot exercise. I swim but aside from it I know nothing, as in nothing about Sports. I hate P.E. back then and now, I totally regret ignoring it. Please help me find my Sports. Badminton? Bowling? Running? or sexy Pole Dancing? haha

14.  Buy or Build a Starter Home. This is already IN-PROCESS. Yehey to me! to us! Though they’re in the South and far North, I still aspire to get a house and lot at the heart of the Metro, who wouldn’t? After all, I’m a true blue Manila girl. yeah…

15.  Improve My Writing. I badly want to learn how to write properly and creatively. Creative Writing Courses? What do you think? One reason for this is because eventually one day, I want to put up my own website with the help of my hubby or at least get my own domain. It would be a shame if I still write as badly as I do now once I’ve got my own site.

16. Treat My Parents to Something Big Every Year. This summer, my sisters and I brought our parents in Baguio! I am so happy tht they enjoyed our 3-day vacation. I hope to do this every year, giving them something big, may it be a travel or a nice piece of jewelry [Mom loves jewelries and I’m again happy to have given here quite a few already.]. It’s time to show them how special they are to us.

17.  I’m a certified die-hard beach bum! So, I want to DIVE, SURF, PARASAIL and WAKEBOARD. I’ll go for anything extreme and water! World underwater is just so amazingly different! For me, beaches are one of God’s greatest gifts to man in Nature category. 🙂

18. Get Dress-ed! Not that I do not wear any, but I’d really love to develop comfort and self-esteem while wearing, yes, dresses. I’m a girl after all no matter what my body shape is. I will wear dresses. Period. (especially when we get our first Family Car in # 1) Girls in dresses are simply stunning, don’t you think so too?

19. Create a Soundtrack of My Life. I got no ears for music, nonetheless I still would love to compile songs which will remind me how beautiful Life is, how Earth became my heaven of some sort and how good and loving My/Our God is. A soundtrack of my life. Wow! Makes me all giddy.

20. Get Back to the Career I’ve Always Loved/Enjoyed/Wanted. Even if it seems that my current work is stalking me, I refuse to be stalked and will stand my ground one day, very soon. I’m grateful that somehow, right now, I’m already seeing where should I go or where do my aspirations and passion lead, career-wise.

21. Curl My Hair! I’ve never done anything chemical to my hair, i.e. perm, dye, rebond or curl. Not that it’s perfect, but I just don’t feel like doing it yet. I wanna keep its natural state for now. However, curly hair has been my girly-girl-frustration back then, so I will definitely give it a try once I get a little [more] older or if I do get dead-bored with my plain black hair.

22. Tour Asia. Truth is, I could easily squeeze in a HK or Singapore trip to my travel plans any time this year but I’d like to make “going Asia” extra special by perhaps, assigning it to be our 2nd honeymoon or by having a grand vacation across Asian countries in a month-long period. 🙂

23. Print at least ALL My Digital Pictures and Nicely Put Them in Albums. {No explanation, I just need to do this!}

24. Prepare a Sound Business Plan and Eventually Put It Up. Again, I’ve got no businessman’s thumb but with perseverance, determination and hard-work, I’m positive there’s no way I cannot explore the wide and wild world of Entrepreneurship and Businesses. Thank goodness my dear hubby has a heart for it! Frankly though, I am more of a fan of Passive Income, which brings the next entry.

25. Throw Away My Lazy Ass Off. 😦 Like seriously, I need to start being more pro-active NOW more than ever, because more than ever, it is NOW that I have tons of goals to pursue and plans to push to the greatest heights!

26. Learn How To Swim Properly. I badly want to jump into the middle of the ocean and just swim and dive to my heart’s content, and please note: WITHOUT  LIFE VEST. Can someone willingly teach me, please?!

27. Check-in To At Least 5 5-Star Hotels. Opulence? Luxury? Big NO! Just for the experience and fun, for the sake of trying that’s all. 5 is all I need for a lifetime but I won’t say no for more, of course. haha

28. Learn How To Be a Good Food, Movie and Book Critic. Whenever I eat something, or watch a movie, or read a book, my brain cells rally with idea/thoughts that want to come out. Only, I do not know how to say them properly or put them together in a nice, concise and interesting manner. If you must know, I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to books, movies and food. Would that make me one good critic someday? I hope so.

29. Get Insured and Get a Personal HMO. These are long overdue but I’m working on it.

30. Master Homemaking. Came January 15, 2011, I’m officially a homemaker to a new and small, nonetheless awesome family. So, I better get my acts together and begin creating values for my family and embracing full responsibilities it encompasses.

31. Display something I myself create with my own bare hands.

32. Learn photography.

33. Watch the lovely, not to mention romantic sunset of Manila Bay.

34. Use my lyre again.

This list is in no way to pressure me to complete the above-stated steps for a Karenized Life but rather to serve as an inspiration and a reminder in times forgetfulness, weariness, busyness and lost. It’s actually quite a list, that I really had a hard time putting them all up together. But for me, this list makes life exciting and I also believe 100% that my would-be journey in accomplishing every item on this list is in no way lesser than the accomplishment itself.

Pressworld, I just presented to you the first set of  my personal Hit-list Before Twilight Years! I hope you accompany & support me in this endeavor. How about you? Any plans for the next 3 to 5 years? Or are you the free-spirited, happy-go-lucky type? Which is not bad at all! Tell me your journey, I wanna know. 🙂



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