♥ Hot Deals on a Manic Monday ♥

Before I leave my cocoon in the office, I just feel like it’s my duty to spread these goodie-goodie deals that I found on my Inbox this morning. A shoe, a beauty treatment and a book. Isn’t it nice to live and just be kind and happy!? And it’s a bonus being a WOMAN. 😉

The most-awaited promo sale of 2 BIG C’s – Crocs & Citibank!


Perfect for my advocacy, Be hooked with BOOKS!


Let’s celebrate womanhood & its beauty!


I don’t really post every promo or deal that I encounter or come upon, only those that I want for myself as well. I do not own any Crocs yet but I’ve been loyal to my Citi so I’d really really love to go the NBC Tent come this Wednesday. I love books and that’s no secret.  I can go gaga over them. They are certified stress-busters and therapeutic for a person as crazy as I am. And lastly, though not too obvious, I’m just like any other girl out there who wants to be as pretty as possible for others, for my man and most especially for myself. Get the drift? These deals mean something to me in one way or another so I’m sharing them to all of you.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Your partner to a yummy life,


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