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♥ Hitlist No. 18 : ✔ Goodbye Fashion Frustration ♥

My fashion frustration is now a history!

And I finally summon all my strength and guts to wear dresses {again}. 🙂 I feel like a total girl once more. Though obviously, I need to trim down my thighs, shape-up my legs and tone those booties and arms. But for now, my mantra when I’m wearing dresses will be: It will only matter when you make it matter! haha…  Sounds cool and true, right?


1. @ Mambukal Falls, Bacolod 2. @ Donsol, Sorsogon 3. @ Tagaytay City


I especially love wearing dresses at home. It somehow cools the temp down. I really think that dresses fit our country’s tropical and sometimes humid weather! I’m starting to get bored and feel a lot more of the heat when I’m into my ‘usual casual’ clothes which consists of jeans and blouse.


Happily crossing out my hit-list no. 18, I finally get dress-ed! Happy Tuesday!

How about you, what’s your fashion frustration?


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