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♥ Boss’ Farewell Lunch @ Dampa, Seaside Macapagal ♥

This is the best part of good-byes, celebrations whether a full-length dinner with videoke, over the weekend OOT or a simple and quick heart-felt lunch. Just exactly what we did for our boss (err, former boss as of this writing). After 23 years in the service she finally grabbed a life-changing opportunity which makes us so proud and happy for her. Since her last day happened to fall on a weekday sandwich day and not to mention month-end, all we could offer her was a quick but enticing lunch at the nearby ‘KayMig’ Seaside Macapagal – Dampa.


Baked Scallops which I prefer than Baked Mussels.


My favorite e-v-e-r! Buttered Shrimps!


Grilled Squid. Really not a fan here. I'm more of a Calamare girl.


The perfect 'other' dish. Tuna Belly. Delicious.


The matching appetizer, Manggang Hilaw. Not in photo: tomato, bagoong and condiments.


We’re all close to sadness that the boss to whom we’ve already built with a good level of comfort is now leaving us. All her kindness are much appreciated and will be remembered always. Her commitment to hard work and dedication to her craft will always be our inspiration. Though there have been tougher than tough times, she is still some kind of a boss to miss – in a good way! 🙂 At least, our stomachs were happy the day she bade farewell!


See how happy a colleague was! hahaha
...and how busy he was before the above...


Hellos and goodbyes are part of the mystery of Life. We need not be ready for these because oftentimes they use the backdoor if not the windows. All I can say is that we better embrace each hello and goodbye we encounter with full heart! After all, Endings are nothing but New Beginnings!


See you around boss O! Good luck!

Happy feel-good Monday to all!


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