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♥ Dare To Do Things ALONE / Happy Thought Day1 ♥

Aside from the Hit-List I am trying to complete, written at the back of my hypothalamus is A LIST OF THINGS TO DO ALONE  and/or  SIMPLE THINGS TO DO FOR FUN like riding a bike, planting a tree, making a compost pit or send a message in a bottle.


The truth is I never was a loner and I’ll admit it, I am the ‘dependent’ type of girl. So doing things alone was never my forte and if I ever do things myself  [stuff  like running some select errands] I would have to gather all my guts just to do it.  But I seriously contemplating to do some stuff alone, especially fun things! Just to spend some enjoyable and/or relax “me” time. Last Friday, I decided to start with something which I’ve been wanting to do for years but never had the courage to do so. – I watched a movie (Tagalog!) at a movie-house ALONE.


I cannot freaking believe it at first but since I had the opportunity and the very important impulse urge, with half-closed eyes, I bought a ticket for Temptation Island ( The Remake ). { I’d love to write a comparative review of the remake and the 1980 original movie, soon! After I finish watching the original. } It’s The Experience! Nervous I was, I took a glimpse at the time printed in my movie ticket, then I realized that I still had an hour to roam around the mall. I went to the shoe boutique “PayLess” and to my new favorite spot in malls – HOME SECTION. 🙂


Unfortunately I’ve been in a self-declared battle with  my spending habits, so after a quick tour I decided to go straight to the movie if only to avoid depleting my pockets again.  And also, I did not want so many people to see me enter the show on a solo. haha…. For safety reasons I guess. That is apart from the hope to be entertained by the next attraction and coming soon movie trailers. As for those, I got so disappointed that SM Cinemas no longer feature movie trailers. 😦 { Dear SM Cinema, Please bring back those cool and entertaining movie trailers. Thanks! } 


So there I was, sitting alone in a big lighted movie-house. On my left were college students who were talking to each other loudly. At their back was an old man trying to get some sleep. In front rows were lovers, 2 or 3 I guess. And since I did not want to get anyone’s attention by keenly observing on them, I stopped looking around and focused FB-ing on my mobe and started reading a book, until the movie starts.


I guess the hardest part was the ‘darkness’ and no one’s beside you and not knowing what’s behind you. Also, I found it difficult to laugh aloud all by myself. Other than those, everything’s cool and perfect, I wouldn’t think twice of doing it again. 😉


For that experience, I am a happy girl! A girl who did something in her list, conquered her fear and proven herself capable even as a solo. And I need to mention, a girl who enjoys  being all by herself as much as she enjoys being with her family, friends and lover. 🙂


That’s a Happy Thought Day 1: REALLY ENJOYING SOME ‘ME’ TIME!

All the best for this week,


Since, I was alone, I needed to take my things with me ALL THE TIME!


The 'PayLess' shoe boutique!


...and when you're on for some austerity measures, QUICKLY WALK AWAY and just PROMISE TO BE BACK! hehe

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