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♥ Hydrotherapy Massage: My Choice! ♥

10:46 PM 25th August 2011

Tonight my eldest sister will undergo a CS to give birth to the latest addition to our family, baby Diana Sophia. Welcome to the world sweetie! 🙂


It has been ages since my last post. I am saddened by that fact. Life and work has been eating me alive for the past months. Seeing my side bar really really makes me feel bad. It only proves how my promotion-by-work-only have been snatching me my precious time intended for other things which I love to do, e.g. blogging. Good thing I was able to get married before my work changed or else, I’ll never be married, lest I quit or transfer. Offline though, I still have managed to squeeze some activities which are actually good outlets for all my stresses and frustrations. If not for them, I’m probably residing in Mandaluyong already.  Yep, I’m bound to tell you more about my badminton, running, reading and cooking experiences, but for now I just wanna share to everyone my choice of massage!


I’m aware of so many kinds of massages and I know you are too. Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Tonton massages are just a few names we all are familiar with. Weeks ago, together with my beautiful GFs from my Store Accounting days, we reunited and bonded at the one and only Water Spa in the heart of the Metro, Ace Water Spa.

Picture grabbed from Metrodeal.com - They usually offer promos for Ace! Hurry visit their site! Thank you to my friend R for this treat Love you to bits.

Ace Water Spa offers Hydrotherapy massages for the benefit of the whole body. And since its a ‘water-thing’, I am super biased for I am a proud hydro-maniac. There are soft, moderate and hard massages. There are Kid’s area, Hot Herbal Pools (with amazing aroma!), steam and sauna rooms too. Below are the massages they offer:

Soft Hydroptherapy
1. Bubble Bed
2. Bubble Pool
3. Bubble Massage
4. Hydro-Acupuncture Bed

Moderate Hydrotherapy
1. Rainfall Acupuncture
2. Eight Nozzle Shower
3. Hydro-Buoyancy Massage
4. Buttocks Massage
5. Jet Chair
6. Jet Chair with Foot Massage

Hard Hydrotherapy
1. Head & Shoulder Massage
2. Water Falls
3. Multi-point Massage
4. Chest Jet Massage
5. Waist Jet Massage
6. Upper Body Jet Massage
7. High Pressure Massage
Its sad that picture taking is not allowed for PRIVACY reasons, so it’s not really that bad. And besides, you’ll get the total relaxing feeling since you will not go gaga over picture taking for once! I can safely declare now that I’m officially hooked with this Hydrotherapy thing and I will surely be back soonish than expected. I absolutely enjoyed my experience at Ace.  My muscle tension were relieved. My body-aches if not totally gone were at least lessen. My mind was cleared somehow by the sound of the gushing water I guess. My favorites are the Rainfall Acupuncture which triggers all the back parts of the body especially the feet, legs and thighs plus the Bubble Bed which is so calming and easing to the nerves. Hot Herbal Pools are very soothing also. They’ll be my top 3!


No doubt, it’s exactly what I needed to break free from being so stressed and stretched (and underpaid!). However, I know deep inside that sooner or later I will have to face the problem upfront. One of these days, I know I will have to decide and that will be for good. There’s just no way of ignoring things anymore and holding on might no longer be a sign of strength but of a weakness – a weakness to let go. *deleted / NSFW *.  As for the moment I’ll let the Big Boss do the rest and lead me towards the righteous path.

Goodnight to all. It’s Friday tomorrow and I just lavett! Excited to see baby Sophia also!


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