♥ The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent ♥

Spending is something inevitable in life. Drawing the line between what is enough and what is excessive is no easy feat either. Oftentimes, its easier not to buy the stuff we need than not to buy the stuff we want. Fact is, I’m a constant and sometimes ‘a very willing’ prey of the monster – Impulsive Shopping, most especially when I’m dead-tired from work or when I get feverish over getting something.


However, awareness of ‘poverty’ and other misfortunes present in our surroundings reminds me to stay grounded and  show more compassion towards others. Somehow, it limits my shopping desire and power.  A bolder realization came right after I lost some priced material possessions in a span of just a month. I realized that indeed, we can live without most of the material valuables we own and the greatest treasures are those you cannot lose but rather they’re the ones you can keep in your heart.

P.S.: I haven’t recovered yet from my recent material losses and I bet shopping won’t make me feel any better too. It’ll just make not only my heart but my wallet broken as well. It’s hard to believe and accept that in less than a month I’ve lost some pricey things just like that. 😦


That made me ask myself with this one tough question – Really, what’s the best peso or pesos I’ve ever spent? Below is my initial list:

P 1.00 – Probably a TEXT MESSAGE. Don’t you think so too?

P 5.00 – A sachet of Downy Passion. 😉   

A sachet costs P 5.00, then you're mabango na!

P 10.00 – Pancit Canton or Banana Cue for meryenda

P 15.00 – One-way LRT Ride!

P 20.00 – There’s a lot to actually buy at Vente Stores from small frames, pens and pencils  to kitchen towels and floor scrubs

P25.00 – Cute canisters for kitchen spices

P30.00 – Decorative Plates (I am so into these right now.)

P35.00 – P 40.00 –  Plastic Toys, Stationeries, Post-it notepads

P 50.00P 100.00 – Daily essentials that saves an office slave like me: eyedrops, any eucalyptus, petroleum jelly for the tired feet/soles and Citronella Spray (anti-dengue)

P 150.00 – P 300.00 One-way Airfares! I was able to book for Manila –  Bacolod, good for 2 pax. Cool-freak, aight!?

My cheapest one-way airfare to date!

P 400.00 – P 500.00 – Sunnies! One hour rental of badminton court or one game of Bowling. SPORTS is LIFE!

P 600.00 – Sponsor a child’s education through World Vision Organization – Philippines.

and the realization of one of my dreams....

My gift to my Love on his birthday. Sponsorship.

How about you, what’s the best peso/pesos you’ve ever spent!? Add stuff to my list! 🙂 Happy Thursday!

All Love,


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